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Who's B.A.D?? (Ballin A$$ Dude/Diva)

!!!!!Divaz please report at 5pm.  Game at 530pm!!!!!

 Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

Black Team Coach Johnson

Prescott, Tyler (Emmaus)

Jones, Justin (Parkland)

Guensch, Luke (Central Catholic)

Shephard, Jahi (Allen)

Zabrecky, Mike (Southern Lehigh)

Wilson, Jhaire (York)

Reichenbach, Brandon (Salisbury)

Rodgers, Chase (Martin Luther King)

Frasor, Jason (Freedom)

Pierfy, Phil (Wilson)

Peapos, Mike (Notre Dame Green Pond)

Calil Moultrie (Freire Charter)


Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

Gray Team Coach Boykin

Kelly, Dan (Notre Dame Green Pond)

Lopez, Edwin (Stroudsburg)

Meyers, Jameire (Allen)

Morris, Shavaughn (Bangor)

Nedd, Ramon (Notre Dame East Stroudsburg)

Nosovitch, Jack (Central Catholic)

Radocha, Brett (Whitehall)

Witherspoon, Shawn (Lasalle College)

Ziccardi, D (Faith Christian)

Hinton-Gray, Isiah (Allen)

Grant, Joel (Freire Charter)

Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

Purple TEAM Coach Smith

Lewis, Karl (Del Val Charter)

Maley, Bryce (Central Catholic)

Murray, Jimmy (Plymouth Whitemarsh)

Opplinger, Garrett (Northampton)

Santana, Rico (Allen)

Walton, Bryson (Allen)

Smith, Semaj (Freire Charter)

Elam, Elijah (Freire Charter)

Afre, Sergio (Reading)

Kandt, Noah (Southern Lehigh)

Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

BLUE TEAM Coach Fortune

Arrington, Rodney (Easton)

Cuevas, Dan (Stroudsburg)

Dobbins, Jaevon (Liberty)

Fairclough, Bryce (Salisbury)

Gibson, Tyree (Reading)

Greenfield, Hassan (Easton)

Jack, Connor (Berks Catholic)

Kohl, Tyler (Coastal Academy)

Santiago, Tulio (Freedom)

Sexton, Sam (Central York)

Cintron, Jon (Wilson)


Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

Teal Team Coach Pinkard

Johnson, Isaiah (Dieruff)

Miller, Anthony (Liberty)

McNeil, Alquinto (Northampton)

Marbury, Eric (Pleasant Valley)

Alvarado, Robert (Pocono Mt West)

Schwartz, Logan (Northwestern)

Delong, Jake (Brandywine)

Pinkard, Antanee (Homeschool – Lancaster Area)

Ray, Isaac (Northern Lebanon)

Gantz, Milik (Bishop Mcdevitt)


Report to Kutztown University- Keystone Arena at 3pm. Wear black shorts.

Brown Team Coach Boykin

Brugler, Bailey (Nazareth)

Collins, J (Springfield Delco)

Corrao, Charlie (Perkiomen Prep)

Giddings, DaShon (Del Val Charter)

Gonzalez, Ludwin (Liberty)

Jackson, Andre (East Stroudsburg South)

Kellerman, Justin (Reading)

Charles, Karl (Rutgers Prep)

Alexis, Julian (Immaculata)

Kostic, Koi (Allen)

Votek, Brandon (North Hunterdon)

By Andre Williams
Freedom center Dave Williams is 6-foot-6 and he'll be the biggest player to grace the court tonight when the Patriots visit Liberty.
Just because he's big doesn't prevent him from shooting 3-pointers like a guard.
"That's my favorite shot, more so than my low post game," Williams said.
He's been a force for the Patriots and he'll have to be again tonight if Freedom is to beat Liberty with a shot at districts on the line for both teams.
His defensive assignment won't be Liberty senior Deshawn Oyeniyi, who plays only in the post. Oh no, Williams is more mobile than that.
"I'm guarding KJ Williams so I've got to keep him from scoring and rebound the ball," said Williams, who scored 14 points in the first meeting between the teams.
He knocked down three 3's in that Freedom victory.
"He's been hitting those since his freshman year," Freedom coach Joe Stellato said. "He's a 3-point shooter and he's shooting over 50 percent in all the games so he's a 3-point shooter. We struggle as coaches because we want to see him in the paint because he's a big, strong kid. But we need to find a better mixture and we need to get him a few more 3-pointers but when he's feeling it like that there's no talking to him."
Freedom point guard Nigel Long loves to feed Williams when he's on.
 "David is gaining his confidence," Long said. "He loves to shoot. He's got that 3-point shot. David when he's on he's on its hard to stop him because not too many big men can come out and guard him."
While Williams has always been bigger than most kids he's been around he didn't start to play basketball until he moved to the Lehigh Valley and played in the seventh grade at Wilson Middle School.
Now basketball is all he's about.
"Now I can't picture myself not playing basketball," Williams said.


“Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Day has dawned upon us.  It’s hard to believe that it has been 45 years since his sorrowful murder and 50 years since his famous “I Have a Dream” speech.  Society has made significant progress.  During King’s time, it was impossible to think the United States would have a president with African American heritage.  We now have Barack Obama.  It was once unforeseeable to envision a black coach in the SEC; Nolan Richardson (Arkansas) and Sylvester Croom (Mississippi State) broke through those barriers.  It was a huge story when the black quarterback, Doug Williams, was summoned from his backup position to lead Washington to a Super Bowl victory.  Since, Warren Moon has been inducted into the Hall of Fame and numerous black quarterbacks have emerged.  The late Al Davis shocked the NFL by hiring his former offensive lineman, Art Shell, as the first black head coach in the NFL.  That breakthrough led to Tony Dungy and Lovie Smith (both black NFL head coaches) competing against each other in Super Bowl XLI where Dungy was the  first black coach to win the “Big Game.”  Which brings us to our District XI, Where the black coaches at? 


Unfortunately for striving black basketball coaches in the District XI area, many administrators are not crossing this line.  I’m sure there are reasons why the numbers are the way they are, however it is impossible to ignore these putrid facts.  We have 12 schools in the LVC, 24 total teams in boys and girls basketball.  There are 14 total boys/girls teams in the MVC and 24 total boys/girls teams in the Colonial League.  Collegiately our area has Muhlenberg, Moravian, Lehigh, Lafayette, DeSales, PSU-LV, Lehigh-Carbon Community College, Northampton Community College, East Stroudsburg, Kutztown and Cedar Crest College (Women only).   That accounts for 83 male and female basketball teams.  Usually every program carries 4 coaches, so we count approximately 332 high school and college basketball coaches.  The minority coaches at these schools are: HC- David George and Asst- Calvin Robinson (Lincoln Leadership), HC-Anthony Ross and Asst- Lou Benson (PSU-LV), HC Ty Taylor (Cedar Crest),  HC- Shawn Munford and Asst- Riley Maye (East Stroudsburg South), Asst- Dawud Abdur Rahkman and Asst- Marqus Hunter (Muhlenberg), Asst- Donovan Williams (Lafayette),  Asst- Rick Hicks and Asst- Clarence Harris (Kutztown), Asst- Tara Belfield (NCC), Asst- DeAnna Rayam and Grad Asst- Micah Covert (East Stroudsburg Univ), Asst- Steve Middleton, Asst- Rafe Perez and Asst- Jose Medina (Emmaus), Asst- Darnell Braswell (Central Catholic), Asst- Arnold Alleyne and Asst-Garrett Johnson (Bethlehem Catholic), Asst- Brent Williams (Easton), Asst- Latoya Blake (Dieruff).   

I sincerely apologize if I missed anybody, but that gives this area approximately 23 TOTAL minority coaches out of 332 coaches; a disgraceful 6.9% of ALL coaches in High School and College are minorities and  4.8% of all coaches are minorities.    “There comes a time when one must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but he must take it because conscience tells him it is right.”  - Martin Luther King Jr.


How could these facts be?  Are minorities getting overlooked?  Some may argue there are not enough minorities putting themselves in position to be qualified as a coach.  Administrators want college educated coaches leading these young athletes to set the principles.  Maybe there's not enough emphasis in the youths’ mind to further their education after high school.  Although many minorities are battling adversity and struggle on a continuous basis, we must guide and encourage them to persevere. “Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle.”- Martin Luther King Jr.

It is what it is, and what is done is done. “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”- Martin Luther King Jr.  So what is next?  Out of those 19 assistant coaches, who will be offered that opportunity to lead their own program?  Well before that happens, more small steps must be taken.  Administrators must at the very least offer interviews to more minority candidates.  The NFL has adopted “The Rooney Rule” which states all teams in the process of hiring a head coach, must interview at least one minority candidate.  Some may feel this is unfair, however the results are undeniable.  When you give a candidate an interview, they have the chance to display and articulate their plan.  This plan may or may not be best for your program; however it gives the candidate exposure.  Athletic Directors and administrators can recommend you to other hiring parties thus making you more marketable. Numbers never lie.  6.9% and 4.8% are embarrassing to our great area.  What administrator will be the next Rich Fatzinger, who has hired only 2 head coaches at PSU-LV, and both are black.   Step outside the box.  Engage, Evaluate, and Integrate more minority coaches.  “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”- Martin Luther King Jr.


Rashid Santiago: Ready to Serve the Allentown Community

By Robert Parkins


Congratulations to the newly elected Magisterial District Judge, Rashid Santiago. With his principles of integrity, competence, and fairness, Santiago is looking to restore the public’s confidence in the integrity of the judiciary. Being born and raised in Allentown, he wants to let us all know he is ready for this new task at hand.  “Hard work pays off through resilience. In life, things don’t always go the way you intend them. In basketball you don’t get the outcome you want sometimes; it is how you handle things that come your way that develops true character,” Santiago said.

Santiago was a standout player at William Allen High School and then later transferred to George School in Newtown, PA. He continued his athletic career playing basketball at Gwynedd Mercy College as a four year starter, and was a contributing factor to the school’s winningest record. He still stays close to the game by coaching in the Allentown area. “I’m currently coaching the little Canaries; I also coached in the Select Competition Basketball League (SCBL) at the Swain School, and Smart Moves. With my new position as District Magistrate, I will continue to stay active and be visible in the community,” he said.

Santiago is ready and eager for this upcoming basketball season. He is a fan on all levels—from high school to college. He expressed it is the most exciting time of the year, and he plans to go out and support local high school and college teams.  Santiago shared a few words of what to expect from the Allen Canaries’ 2013-14 season. He said, “They’re a young group that will bring a lot of energy.  They will definitely have a few surprises for some teams within the conference by their scrappy play. They are sure to give most teams a run for their money. I know Coach Doug Snyder will get the best of them each game, and it will be exciting to watch.”

“Always be coachable and willing to learn. In our youth we think we know it all and become close-minded; but, if we stay open-minded to instructions, there’s unlimited potential,” he said. Santiago often communicates this message to the younger generation.

He continued on by expressing, “I really benefited from my community, coaches, teachers, and mentors. They have helped propel me in a position of public service. In my new position I plan to serve with integrity and confidence, and look for many potential leaders to come together. I want to see Allentown flourish into becoming a stronger community.” While reaching his particular level of success, he doesn’t forget the rewards of hard work and continues building on other aspirations.

“Throughout my undergrad experience and then transitioning into law school, I developed a new perspective. While gaining experience during my time as a law clerk to a Court of Common Pleas Judge, I valued the position of a judge even more. The experience of campaigning is a lot of work.  It takes a strong team of people putting together great ideas. I truly value the relationships that were strengthened, and those I gained throughout this process. Now the real work begins in my duty to serve the community of Allentown,” Santiago said.


Freddie Simmons Dual Threat from Gridiron to Hardwood

With football season dwindling to an end for Bethlehem Catholic some players are eager to hit the hardwood come this winter. One athlete in particular Freddie Simmons can’t wait to get out there and show the league how far his team can go this upcoming season. “Basketball was my first love growing up, but I wasn’t allowed to play organized because I was young at the time so I played football instead. I was playing basketball with my dad until I began playing organized basketball in fourth grade,” Simmons said.

“Coming into this season my individual goal is to score my 1,000 point. I’m currently 460 points away right now. I want to make all team/conference, help propel my team to state, and win district this year still have a bitter taste from losing to Central Catholic last year,” he said.

Improvements that Simmons worked on this summer going into the new season were his shot selections and passing ability. With shot selections it’s about picking the right times in the game to create your own shot. For my passing ability he wants to be a better distributor to help create better shots for his teammates.

“My biggest attributes I bring to my squad is scoring, rebounding, and defense. Scoring is what I like to do, but having a better shot selection will make me a better scorer. Rebounding is about will and giving your team as many chances to possess the ball. Defense is one of my weaknesses, but I’m working harder to get better on that, and from it I can create other scoring opportunities,” Simmons said.

Simmons feels his team will be one of the contenders this season, but the Hawks do lack size with no real big man presence. In the regular and post season having big man can help. “We’ll have a playing style to address our team’s strengths. We will definitely qualify make it to the playoffs,” he said!

 Teams he sees will pose threats to Hawks in LVC are Central Catholic, Liberty, Parkland, and Emmaus. “No matter who we play to get into districts we have to play our best to be champs.  If we handle our job in districts I could see us making a deep third round run in states against the Philadelphia Catholic schools,” Simmons said.

Hawks’ style of play will be fast, run & gun, and quick pace. This type of game fits us and should be an advantage to us with the young talent we have.  Recently hearing Taleek Williams will transfer is somewhat of a loss. Simmons said, “I could’ve of seen him contribute greatly to our bench or starting lineup, but the talent we have on this team I feel we won’t miss a beat.”

“In my spare time outside of school I like to hang with friends play around. I don’t get much time to myself being a student athlete is very demanding but I find a way to balance it.

Celtics is my favorite NBA team. Brandon Jennings is my favorite player I feel he’s underrated because he was on a bad team in Milwaukee Bucks should be better for the Detroit Pistons this season. He’s quick, can score, and carries a confident swagger to him.”

Before Simmons graduates he’d like to be top 10 in his class. Possible college options Simmons is looking into are for basketball Quinnipiac or University of Connecticut.  Some football interests he’s received Rutgers, Villanova, and Pitt. Pitt is my top favorite at the moment. This winter be sure to look out for the Hawks to make some noise

-Robert Parkins 11/3/13


Central Catholic’s Own Jeanlee Baez

Jeanlee Baez is fired up for this season. He is confident his team is ready to take the necessary steps to be state champions. That success won’t come overnight but he’s ready to take this task head on. “Before I even picked up a basketball I played baseball. Growing up in Bronx, NY well known for the Yankees it’s a tradition out there. I first began playing basketball in seventh grade. What drew my attention to it was watching the Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe, Shaq, Rick Foxx, and Derek Fisher,” Baez said.

Baez’s goals for the Vikings this season is to capture LVC, districts, and state titles. Only way he believes his team can accomplish these goals is by teamwork. “I’m trying to make great memories and if we play as a team and unselfish I see us where I project us to be,” he said. Baez wants his team to be one that’s remembered for years to come.

“Skills I addressed in my offseason were dribbling, jump shot, and instincts/finishing around the basket. My improved ball handling will not only help me, but create other plays for my teammates. Jump shots I looked for key areas on the floor where I can face up on defenders and make good shots. Around the basket there’s so much traffic so I just worked on situations where I can put the ball in the basket effectively,” Baez said.

Baez said, “To my team I’m going to bring that energy every night, play unselfish, rebounding, in the low post I intend to score at my will against anyone. Through my work on instincts around the basket I’m confident down low.”

“End of the year I see our team  in Hershey, PA celebrating as state champs we just have to listen to our coaches, and play for one another.  In the LVC Parkland will be strong, Liberty is ready, and Allen will be improved.  If we make it to states I expect to see Arch Bishop Carroll who regularly is always good. Imhotep are the reigning champs it’s going to be good competition this year, but I think we’re ready to take that next step,” he said.

Last year he said the team had everything just didn’t have that big man, but this year with the addition of Brendan Wagner should help solidify Vikings. Along with Isaiah Jennings will help with ball handling and shooting from the perimeter.

“In my free time I hang with friends and play basketball and hang with my girlfriend stay out of trouble. My favorite NBA team are the LA Lakers. Kobe is without a doubt my favorite player. When it comes to my style of play I study Zach Randolph and Lamar Odom.

Before I graduate I would to win a state championship that would be the life! I’d celebrate taking my jersey off crying in joy celebrating with my teammates saying we taking this one back to Allentown,” Baez said!

A few college interests Baez has are East Stroudsburg, Lock Haven, Kutztown, and Caldwell. Currently being heavily recruited he knows to keep his head in those books and continue to excel.

-Robert Parkins 11/3/13


WHO'S B.A.D.  Premier event featuring the LVBR's best battling the rest of the east coast.  Sunday July 7th at Trexler School (851 N. 15th st. Allentown, PA 18102). 


11:20am- LVBR Risers' Public/Private Game


12:20pm- LVBR CHALLENGE Game #1 


1:20pm- LVBR Seniors vs Underclassmen


2:30pm- LVBR CHALLENGE Game #2


                                                                     3:45pm- LVBR RISERS' CHALLENGE


                                                                     5:00pm- The B.A.D. Game


Gametime 5pm.  Arrive 4:30 with Black Shorts


WHITE TEAM- Ed Ohlson Sr. (Lehigh Valley Legend)

2014 6'5 Deshawn Oyeniyi (Liberty)

2014 6'5 Jeanlee Baez (Allentown Central Catholic)

2014 6'3 Nick Rindock (Parkland)

2014 6'3 Nate Feiertag (Emmaus)

2014 6'8 Vincent Eze (Notre Dame Green Pond)

2014 6'4 Isaiah Palmer (William Allen)

2014 6'8 Brendan Wagner (Allentown Central Catholic)

2014 6'1 Justin Zajko (Parkland)

2016 5'11 Isiah Jennings (William Allen)

2016 6'1 DeVante Cross (Parkland)



ORANGE TEAM- Jason Harrigan (Florida A&M)

2014 6'2 Jordan Greene (Abington Friends)

2014 6'0 Chase Wilson (Wissahickon)

2014 6'6 Zach Quattro (Hattboro Horsham)

2014 6'4 Oneil Holder (East Stroudsburg South)

2014 6'1 Jamelle Christian (Capitol Christian MD)

2014 6'4 Glen Nannius (North Warren NJ)

2014 6'0 Joe Wiggins (Pocono Mt West)

2014 6'0 Jake Battle (Stroudsburg)

2015 6'7 Carnell Harley (Academy of New Church)

2015 6'7 Marques Jackson (Prep Charter)

2015 5'9 Tyheem Harmon (Math, Civics, and Science)

The LVBR Risers' Challenge Roster

Gametime 3:45pm.  Arrive 3:15pm with Black Shorts


WHITE TEAM- Head Coach Jalen Cannon (St Francis NY)

2017 Lucas Hudson (Southern Lehigh)

2017 David Kachelries (Emmaus)

2017 Jaohne Duggan (Liberty)

2017 Jaxon Costello (Salisbury School District)

2017 Matt Kachelries (Emmaus)

2017 Talek Williams (Undecided)

2018 Shackyll Dezonie (Sacred Heart)

2018 Alex Serrano (Bethlehem School District)

2018 Justin Marrero (Sacred Heart)

2018 Mikey Esquillin (Whitehall School District)

2018 Chico Whyte (Lincoln Leadership)


Orange Team- Caleb Knudsen (Eastern University)

2017 Alex Smith (Del Val Charter)

2017 Isiah Wiggins (Pocono Mt West)

2017 Jacq Casiano (Central York)

2017 Eli Brooks (Spring Grove)

2017 Lance Singh (Pocono Mt West)

2017 Brandon McKie (Plymouth Whitemarsh)

2017 Taylor Funk (Manheim Central)

2017 Patrick Stryzala (Hudson Catholic, NJ)

2017 Khaleif Crawford (Hudson Catholic, NJ)

2018 Jordan Drew (Hollywood, FL)

2018 Jared Chambliss (Alexandria Twp, NJ)




Gametime 2:30pm.   Arrive 1:45pm with Black Shorts


WHITE TEAM- Head Coach Nick Melosky (Muhlenberg College)

2014 David Williams (Freedom)

2014 Piefka Stonewall (Northampton)

2014 Brandon Purrone (Catasaqua)

2014 Josh Landsberger (Northern Lehigh)

2014 Daiyon Barnett (William Allen)

2014 Jamal Aziz (Bethlehem Catholic)

2014 David Stevens (Allentown Central)

2014 Justin Lenzer (Bethlehem Catholic)

2014 Tannor Reed (Notre Dame Green Pond)

2014 Josh Jackson (Freedom)


ORANGE TEAM- Head Coach Angel Ayala (Holy Family University)

2014 Armand Sorrentino (Archbishop Carroll)

2014 Hyking Brisbane (Communications Tech)

2014 Lyndon Ewing (Pius X)

2014 CJ Wolfe (Del Val Charter)

2014 Ryan Keller (Pius X)

2014 Malachi Howard (Pocono Mt West)

2014 Kevin McFall (Upper Moreland)

2015 Stone McCreary (Red Lion)

2015 Danny Cuevas (Stroudsburg)

2015 Deshon Giddings (Del Val Charter)

2016 Jason Rebuck (Red Lion)






LVBR Seniors vs Underclassmen 

Gametime 1:30pm.  Arrive 12:45pm with black shorts


WHITE TEAM- Head Coach Jim Butler (LCCC)

 2014 Nick Selvaggi (Parkland)

2014 Matt Melosky (Whitehall)

2014 Joe Nicolini (Emmaus)

2014 Troy Ruppert (Southern Lehigh)

2014 Nick Karabin (Bethlehem Catholic)

2014 Alex Mitton (Parkland)

2014 Darwin Saint Cyr (Bethlehem Catholic)

2014 Junior Sanchez (Salisbury)

2014 Marcos Esquillin (Whitehall)

2014 Hamp Smith (William Allen)

2014 Eddie Hudak (Bethlehem Catholic)

2014 Jordan Jachim (Nottre Dame Green Pond)



ORANGE TEAM- Head Coach Lou Benson (PSU-LV)


2015 Ben Pratt (Allentown Central Catholic)

2015 Bryce Malley (Allentown Central Catholic)

2015 Jayvon Dobbins (Liberty)

2015 Kevin Dulorie (Parkland)

2015 Isiah Gray (William Allen)

2015 Trenton Bishop (Liberty)

2015 Bryson Walton (William Allen)

2016 Kyle Stout (Parkland)

2016 Andrew Hudak (Bethlehem Catholic)

2016 Joey Polczynski (Emmaus)

2016 Deandre Tillet (Bethlehem Catholic)

2016 Dante Rockmore (Lincoln Leadership)




Gametime 12:20pm.  Arrive 11:45am and wear black shorts


WHITE TEAM- Head Coach Noel Hightower (Chestnut Hill College)

2015 Isaiah Johnson (Liberty)

2015 Jameire Meyers (William Allen)

2015 Elijah Gonzalez (Allentown Central)

2015 Ludwin Gonzalez (Liberty)

2016 Semaj Eutsey (Bethlehem Catholic)

2016 Jake Scarnulus (Emmaus)

2016 Mario Delker (Bethlehem Catholic)

2016 Jake Feiertag (Emmaus)

2016 Alvin Pacheco (Allentown Central)

2016 Tajon Roberts (Dieruff)

2016 Najee Cash (Freedom)

2016 Hector Morales (William Allen)

2016 Noel Brouse (Parkland)


ORANGE TEAM- Head Coach Caleb Knudsen (Eastern University)

2014 Chandler Junk (Upper Perkiomen)

2015 Rodney Arrington (Easton)

2015 Charlie Corrao (Souderton)

2015 Griffin Schmidt (Quakertown)

2015 Karl Lewis (Del Val Charter)

2015 Edwin Lopez (Stroudsburg)

2015 Sam Saxton (Central York)

2016 Jeff Cooper (Wilson)

2016 Zach Muredda (Pennridge)

2016 Brogan Nichols (Eastern York)

2016 Korey Smith (Pocono Mt West)


Gametime 11:20am.  Arrive 10:50am with black shorts


WHITE TEAM- Head Coach Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman

2017 Ameer Gonzalez (Allentown Central)

2017 Darnell Ferrell (Allentown Central)

2017 Matt Troyan (Allentown Central)

2017 Nizayah Speaks (Bethlehem Catholic)

2017 Matt Anthony (Allentown Central)

2018 Justin Marrero (Sacred Heart)

2018 Will Melson (St Elizabeth)

2018 Jack Reichenbach (St Thomas More)

2018 Tim Gribb (Good Shepard)

2018 Justin Paz (Sacred Heart)

2018 Aiden Ellwood (Sacred Heart)

2018 Francois D'Elia (St Thomas More)


ORANGE TEAM- Head Coach KJ Williams

2017 Tyler Muniz (Freedom)

2017 Jack Zaimicheli (Southern Lehigh)

2017 Jordon Harrington (Lincoln Leadership)

2017 Amir Griffin (Liberty)

2017 Zach Bross (Parkland)

2017 Jack Dougherty (Salisbury)

2017 Jeremy Johnson (Liberty)

2017 Nick King (Freedom)

2018 Kevin Kern (Saucon Valley)

2018 Jake Owens (Nazareth)

2018 Leroy Wilson (Lincoln Leadership)

2018 Bless Jones (South Mountain)



B.A.D. AWARDS. Honoring the Best from the 2012-2013 Season

LVBR Teams of the Year: Wilson Warriors

LVBR Teams of the Year: Central Catholic

LVBR Coach of the Year: Dennis Csensits (Central Catholic)

Colonial League Coach of the Year: Bob Frankenfield (Wilson)

MVC Coach of the Year: Brad Pensyl (Pocono Mt West)

JV Coaches of the Year: Matt Fritz and Eddie Ohlson (Parkland)

Comeback Coach and Top Assistant of the Year: Steve Neikem (Central Catholic)

LVBR B.A.D of the Year: Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman (Central Catholic)


LVC B.A.D First Team: Matt Husek (Bethlehem Catholic)

LVC B.A.D. First Team: Nyreef Jackson (Freedom)

LVC B.A.D First Team: Austin Beidelman (Parkland)

LVC B.A.D. First Team: Jeanlee Baez (Central Catholic)

Colonial League B.A.D of the Year: Gerald Terry (Wilson)

Colonial League B.A.D First Team: Alex Colton (Bangor)

Colonial League B.A.D. First Team: Vincent Eze (Notre Dame GP)

Colonial League B.A.D. First Team: Phil Pierfy (Wilson)

Colonial League B.A.D. First Team: Tyler Brown (Salisbury)

MVC B.A.D. of the Year: Eric Vick (Pocono Mt West)

Schuylkill League B.A.D. of the Year: Brandon Bridy (Pottsville)

LVBR Freshmen Team B.A.D of the Year: Sam Iorio (Parkland)

LVBR Freshmen Team B.A.D of the Year: Kyle Stout (Parkland)

LVBR JV B.A.D of the Year: DeVante Cross (Parkland)


LVC B.A.D Second Team

Derike Chiclana (Freedom)

Greg Noack (Liberty)

Ezra Gaines (Easton)

Justin Zajko (Parkland)

Nate Feiretag (Emmaus)

LVC B.A.D. Honarable Mention

KJ Williams (Liberty)

Deshawn Oyeniyi (Liberty)

Tony Bellucci (Whitehall)

Mike Kammerer (Central Catholic)

Freddie Simmons (Bethlehem Catholic)

DeVante Queen (Easton)

Colonial League B.A.D Second Team

Greg Eden (Northern Lehigh)

Jeremey Ringland (Bangor)

Tannor Reed (Notre Dame GP)

Tony Brinkley (Catty)

Troy Ruppert (Southern Lehigh)

MVC/Independent B.A.D Team

Eric Vick (Pocono Mt West)

Brandon Bridy (Pottsville)

O'Neil Holder (East Stroudsburg South)

Eric Marbury (Pius X)

Lyndon Ewing (Pius X)

Taaj Williams (Lincoln Leadership)

Joe Wiggins (Pocono Mt West)

Luke Gutekunst (Moravian Academy)

David Clowney (Stroudsburg)

Brett Kosciolek (Tamaqua)


Vincent Eze (Notre Dame Green Pond)- Defensive Player of the Year

Brian McCarthy (Central Catholic)

Eric Marbury (Pius X)

Derike Chiclana (Freedom)

Jeanlee Baez (Central Catholic)

Maceo Connor (Freedom)

Dan Brnjar (Emmaus)

Matt Husek (Bethlehem Catholic)

Daiyon Barnett (Allen)

Sean Cooper (Pocono Mt West)

Shane Reider (Bangor)

LensCrafters Team

Gerald Terry (Wilson)

Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman (Central Catholic)

Michael Martino (Bangor)

Jimmy Hahn (Parkland)

Phil Pierfy (Wilson)

Nigel Long (Freedom)

DeVante Queen (Easton)

Eric Marbury (Pius X)

Dan Reichenbach (Salisbury)

Jamal Aziz (Bethlehem Catholic)

Long Range Bombers

Alex Colton (Bangor)

Keith Mosher (Saucon Valley)

Derek Tannous (Emmaus)

Mike Kammerer (Central Catholic)

Daye-Shawn Bailey (Wilson)

Tony Bellucci (Whitehall)

Jeremy Ringland (Bangor)

Zay Jennings (Allen)

Tyler Brown (Salisbury)

Pat Donnelly (Liberty)

Jacob Battle (Stroudsburg)

Luke Gutekunst (Moravian Academy)

Tannor Reed (Notre Dame GP)

Travis Blankenhorn (Pottsville)

Bang Bang!! Team

Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman (Central Catholic)

Taaj Williams (Lincoln Leadership)

Derike Chiclana (Freedom)

Vincent Eze (Notre Dame GP)

Greg Noack (Liberty)

KJ Williams (Liberty)

David Williams (Freedom)

Joel Torres (Liberty)

DeVante Cross (Parkland)

Jeanlee Baez (Central Catholic)

Kobe Clutch Performers

Austin Beidelman (Parkland)

Muhammad Ali Abdur Rahkman (Central Catholic)

Ezra Gaines (Easton)

Alex Colton (Bangor)

Chevon Williams (Liberty)

Dante Rockmore (Lincoln Leadership)

Nyreef Jackson (Freedom)

Eric Vick (Pocono Mt West)

Tony Bellucci (Whitehall)

Zay Jennings (Allen)


Kevin Dulorie (Parkland)

Nick Hassler (Parkland)

Ludwin Gonzalez (Liberty)

Joey Polczynski (Emmaus)

Tyler Prescott (Emmaus)

Ben Pratt (Central Catholic)

Bryson Walton (Allen)

Jameire Myers (Allen)

Andrew Hudak (Bethlehem Catholic)

Deandre Tillet (Bethlehem Catholic)

Andrew Spigner (Bethlehem Catholic)

Antwon Keenan (Bethlehem Catholic)

Trey Durrah (Easton)

Rodney Arrington (Easton)

Najee Cash (Freedom)


Zach Bross (Parkland)

Noel Brouse (Parkland)

Mat Bianco (Parkland)

Mario Delker (Bethlehem Catholic)

Darius Aldridge (Bethlehem Catholic)

Semaj Eutsey (Bethlehem Catholic)

Alvin Pacheco (Central Catholic)

Dallas Kassis (Central Catholic)

Dave Kachelries (Emmaus)

Matt Kachelries (Emmaus)

Jacob Feiertag (Emmaus)

Jake Scarnulus (Emmaus)

Mikey Esquillin (Whitehall)

Justin Marrero (Whitehall)

Tajon Roberts (Dieruff)


January 2013

Most collegiate basketball players all share a common route to their college destination. Play high school basketball for a few years, get recruited, and then the player picks and attends a school. Moravian’s Garrett Johnson was just the opposite. Johnson, a senior captain, had several detours before he arrived at Moravian. Garrett only played his senior year at Allen, where he admits he was average at best. He then went to LCCC for a semester, where he received marginal playing time. Garrett was lost, and to further his problems, his family was in financial difficulties. Garrett’s mother was taking classes at Kutztown University finishing her Masters degree in social work, so he had to find a full time job to help with finances. Garrett was a cook at Lehigh Valley Hospital on Cedar Crest Blvd. The Moravian captain still played ball in adult leagues, and that’s when his life changed. PSU-LV head coach Anthony Ross, who was an assistant at Moravian at the time, noticed Johnson’s skill and asked him if he wanted to explore being a collegiate player at Moravian. “I told him I was serious about the opportunity and everything worked itself out for the best. Now here I am, a former hospital cook, on pace to graduate this spring with a degree in Sociology.” ONLY IN AMERICA!!  Garrett has lived up to everything Coach Jim Walker and Ross had hoped. Walker states, “He has matured as a player, student, and person. He is also developing into a leader. He is learning that he can make us better as a team with his leadership just as much as he can as a player.” Garrett has made the most of his opportunity and is very gracious towards his coaches, especially Coach Ross as he states, “I just want to give a special thanks to Coach Ross for believing in me and giving me this opportunity.” Garrett Johnson, you B.A.D.

December 2012


By Andre D Williams
KJ Williams is a football star wearing a basketball jersey and he proved Friday night against Freedom that he's B.A.D. at both.
Williams scored 13 points and had a number of rebounds in helping to lead Liberty to a resounding 61-38 victory.
"I was pumped up for tonight's game," Williams said. "At the beginning of the season I was trying to get into basketball rhythm."
"It`s time now. You had a big crowd."
They are bigger when he`s on the football field. That's where he's a man among children, who is ranked in Top 100 and recruited by several big-time programs, including USC.
But Rutgers is his top choice and Williams will make his decision before September.
Right now he`s focused on hoops and his performance against Freedom may have set him off.
"When I was younger I played both," he said. "Now I am more of a football guy and play basketball more to stay in shape."
Williams is pretty ripped so what will happen if he gets into better shape? Performances like Friday night.
Williams nailed a couple 3s in the second half that helped his rythym and kept the Hurricanes into groove.
"After I hit a 3 I said, `All right I am getting warmed up now.`  So everytime I got the ball I went faced up and beat my guy off the dribble."


By Andre D Williams

The good thing for Liberty Friday night is that it worked Bethlehem Catholic over with an array of talent.

The bad thing for the Hurricanes, however, is that they will have to deal with Becahi sophomore Freddie Simmons for two more years.

That’s a tough deal.

The 6-foot-3 Simmons was at times dynamic in scoring a team-high 19 points in the Golden Hawks’ 67-47 defeat. His performance was worthy of a shout out in B.A.D.

“Mentally I don’t go into any game thinking that anybody can stop me or my teammates,” Simmons said.” I feel like they got my back, give me that extra push.”

His motor was certainly running on high, especially in the first half. Suffocating defense by Liberty senior Chevon Williams limited Simmons in the second half.

“First half I feel like we came out and didn’t back down from anybody,” Simmons said. “That’s my motto, not to back down at all.

“The second half was a little dissappointing. There were some good times in the second half.”

Most delivered by Simmons. Just not  enough of them but he still gave a B.A.D. performance.



By Andre D Williams
DeShawn Oyenyi is B.A.D,  occupying space in the paint along with the more recognizable 6-foot-7 Monmouth-bound Greg Noack.
But if Oyenyi continues to play like he did against Dieruff, maybe he will have people coming to Hurricanes games to see him play. Oyenyi was man among children in scoring 17 points and grabbing 10 rebounds. Both were game highs in a B.A.D. performance.
Oyenyi is just 6-3 but he’s a very smooth player.
“You can’t teach smooth,” Liberty coach Chad Landis said. “He’s got a knack for where the basket is. His body control is good. He is one of our best instinctive players. He just knows where the basket is and naturally gets it in there. He has taken a big step for us this year.”
And guess what? Oyenyi was actually not feeling right before the game.
“I was kind of nervous,” Oyenyi said.” I didn’t think that I was going to do that good but I just had to get my head right.”
Boy did he, scoring off an array of post moves and snatching three more rebounds than Noack. For his play, Oyenyi was named the game’s Most Valuable Player and he left with a sweet trophy.
More is expected of Oyenyi from Landis and from Oyenyi himself.
““I feel like I worked hard,” he said.” I didn’t get frustrated like how it was last year. It was hard to score in practice, but I had good practices so I had a big game.”

12/3 "It's not how you start, it's how you finish."  That's the motto that Angel Ayala has used as his motivation through some difficult times.  The former Allen and All-LVC standout had to go through many of the growing pains that inhibit Allentown's youth- single mother home, financial insecurities, and English as a second language.  As a high school student-athlete, Ayala was a below average student, suffered some nagging injuries, and quite frankly was immature.  He was academically ineligible to attend a Division 2 school, so with the guidance of his high school coach (Snyder), Angel attended Lackawanna Junior College.  Ayala had a strong career under Coach Raru Archer and graduated with his associate degree.  However, he still did not secure a full athletic scholarship.  With one week remaining until school started, newly hired R.C. Kehoe of Holy Family came calling and offered Ayala a full scholarship.  Angel returned the favor by averaging 10 points and 8 rebounds as a junior.  This season Ayala was named captain and is on pace to become the first member of his family to graduate college (business management/marketing).

Last week Holy Family played at Kutztown.  Ayala suffered an injury in the previous game and was not expected to play.  However with his team losing at halftime, Angel threw on his Willis Reed jersey and took the court.  He led Holy Family to a comeback victory scoring 11 points and grabbing 8 rebounds (all in 2nd half).  Angel followed that performance with 12 points, 10 rebounds, and 5 assists in a 2 point loss to Dominican College.  Ayala states, "The hardest part of the journey was fighting through adversity.  Injuries cant hold me back.  Just staying positive and surrounding myself with people that have shown me love since day one."  Angel is not sure where his next destination will be, but he still loves and represents Allentown to the fullest. "Im proud to rep Allen and the city of Allentown because that's where all this started and made me who I am.  First and foremost, I just want to thank God." Indeed, Thank God for Hoops! Through hoops he is defying the odds, learning about persevering, maturing, and starting a new family trend.  Angel Ayala, YOU B.A.D.

12/3 Have you heard of Moravian's Alexis Wright?  Well if you don’t know, now you
will! The LVBR was at the Moravian College vs. Juniata women’s basketball game on 12/1/12. As soon as I walked in to the building I took a look out onto the court, and my eyes were drawn the 6'0 sophmore forward from Governor Mifflin.  Alexis really was in a good groove this afternoon as she scored at will, playing with a D1 swagger. Alexis dominated the competition on offense and defense in an easy win, by scoring 20 points and grabbing 19 rebounds. She made the game look easy, a true sign of a star player.  In addition Moravian has a really smart point guard in Katie O’Rourke.  O'Rourke continuously fed Wright in the post with timely passes.  Playing against a 2-3 zone defense, Alexis would first  flash to the foul line.  After catching the pass from O’Rourke, she would turn and face the basket then jab step.  The defense was now at her mercy as she would go either right or left and score either hand over defenders. She put on an absolute basketball clinic, and that’s why Alexis Wright YOU B.A.D.

12/3 Ty "Bulldog" Dixon is a coach's dream.  Works hard, very loyal, and plays for his TEAM. The Bulldog doesn't have a selfish bone in his body.  Although not flashy, Dixon always gets the job done.  Dixon was a captain on the Pocono Mt West team that captured the District 11 championship and put up very good all around stats.  However, when it came to attracting coaches attention, they all seemed too focus on what he was not doing or how he looked doing it.  Ty had D3 interests, but that route was too expensive.  After the hardwork of his high school coaches, Roberts Wesleyan College (D2 for the ECC conference) finally decided to give Dixon an opportunity.  To say it has paid off would be an understatement.  The Bulldog earned ECC rookie of the week, has started 6 of 7 games (was reserve for 1st game of season), and is averaging 12 points and 5 rebounds for the 3-4 RWC.  Ty "The Bulldog" Dixon, YOU B.A.D.

12/3 I'm sure being 5'9 has some advantages, but i doubt being a basketball player is one of them.  Well being one of the smaller guys has not slowed the ultra quick Malique Killing one iona.  Killing was the region's Rookie of the Year last year and just had a superb week.  Malique had his career high of 38 points in a 91-80 win over Swarthmore.  That is the highest point total performance in 12 years at Muhlenberg.  For that, Malique Killing- YOU B.A.D

November 2012

11/19 Daaammmn homey.  In high school you was the man homey. Whatever happened to you??  Joe Lococo is making sure to let everyone know that he is still a MVP caliber player.  The reigning LVC MVP had a strong weekend for Shippensburg University.  Lococo started his first two collegiate contests (1-1) and was highly productive averaging 15.5 points and 5 rebounds.  Even more impressive was the the freshman played almost the entire game averaging 38 minutes per contest! Joe states, " It is really a great feeling to be a starter as a freshman at this level and to be playing practically the whole game.  With that I can see that my coaches have a lot of faith in me which gives me more confidence."  Yea homey, your performance has caught our attention and nobody will ask whatever happened to you cause you B.A.D.

11/16 Since when is money ever a bad thing?  Well Darrun "Money" Hilliard was B.A.D at the world's most famous arena, lighting up the Garden with a scintillating 22pt performance on 7/10 shooting from the field and 6/8 from the charity stripel  Money, you B.A.D

11/15- With a 10pt. 7rebound. 3steal. 3block. 2assist. performance vs West Chester in just your second collegiate performance, while making BIG plays in clutch situations,  Noel Hightower, You B.A.D.

October, 2012

Isaiah "Zay" Jennings.  You B.A.D!!

This past summer there was much fuss about where this talented 2016 player would attend high school.  Zay went to the Swain School as a middle schooler, but Swain's education ends at the eighth grade.  There was speculation that he would go to Allen because he played freshman ball with the Canaries as an eighth grader.  Jennings showed he belonged by being one of the best players on the team and showing he could stroke it from wherever, whenever.  The Jennings family decided that they wanted Zay to stay in a small school setting and he enrolled to the Lehigh Valley Academy.  Since LVA does not have a basketball program, Jennings is allowed to be a member Doug Snyder's Allen program.  Pretty good usage of the system.

Isaiah has been on a tear this fall.  He was moved up in the popular SCBL league to play with the 10th-12th grade division and was one of the premier players in that bracket.  There were several games where the long range flamer was matched up with older, more established guards.  Zay did not back down and came up on top of those matchups.  Frankly, he showed he was not only the future, but NOW.

To further his case, Isaiah challenged himself by entering the prestiged Pangos All East/Soph Camp at the end of October.  This event regularly draws the top underclassmen from all over the east coast.  Past Pangos Alumns include Lebron James, Dwight Howard, Paul Pierce, and Kyle "Slo Mo" Anderson.  Again he was challenged, and Again he showed he was one of the best.  Jennings was named to the Top 30 "Cream of the Crop" game proving he was amongst the top prospects in the camp (

Jennings' Fall domination did not go unnoticed by the LVBR.  He has catipulted to the top of the 2016 rankings and is the only freshman recognized in the Super 30 rankings.  Once a player with some baby chunk, countless hours in the gym has molded Jennings into a legit prospect not only in the LVBR area, but on the east coast.  Zay Jennings. You B.A.D.

September, 2012

On the hardwood KJ is a physical, athletic wing that scored back to back 23 point games as a sophmore last January.  During a non-active basketball time period, LVBR decided it was best to acknowledge a baller making serious noise on the gridiron. The LVBR Baller of the Month goes to Liberty's 2014 Prospect KJ Williams. This is a highly unusual circumstance because KJ is playing wide receiver and defensive back on the football team, however, his dominance can not be overlooked.  KJ currently has 5 touchdowns in 4 games and has broken Liberty's alltime recieving record.  Considering Liberty presently has 2 receivers starting in the Big East, this is quite a remarkable feat.  The numbers may not be astounding, but if you were to watch a game, it is very obvious who the superb athlete is on the field. During a game versus Nazareth, KJ miraculously caught an underthrown ball over the back of two hopeless defenders and like a pro, kept both feet inbounds.  Williams displays incredible hand-eye coordination and great balance making acrobatic catches.  KJ's greatness is being recognized by multiple highly touted institutes.  He currently has offers from Pitt and Rutgers.  Other major schools such as South Carolina, Miami, Ohio St, Penn St, NC St, Purdue, Clemson, Virginia, and Cincinnatti are all watching and recruiting the 2014 standout. 

August, 2012

DeVante Cross, 6-0-165 Combo guard, Parkland H.S, (Allentown, PA), class of 2016:


Cross is a PLAYER we have seen on numerous occasions, and LVBR got to know a little bit at the Stellar "Catch A Rising Star" Tournemant. Cross lead his JV team into a stacked 64 team varsity basketball tournement, with teams from all over the state. The end results was he got his team to the elite 8 undefeated, he showed the Lehigh Valley that he and his team are no joke. The kid is the definition of "a rising star". LVBR saw a very efficient scorer that played with a lot of desire and established more of an all-around game. He played with a good motor, used his IQ to anticipate plays on both ends of the court and he also effortlessly fed his teammates with good-looking assist.

Austin Beidelman – 6-2/ 175 combo guard, Parkland High School (Schnecksville, PA) class of 2013:


 Beidelman, is another kid that has caught everyone's attention. While LVBR can't call him a true point just yet, he showed he could make good decisions with the ball and did an excellent job of setting up his teammates; he's committed defender, an improved athlete, and is a pure shooter who has gained the confidence to shoot it in your face if the defenders hands are down. Beidelman led his team to the PIAA state tournament 2012, and the sky is the limit for him and his squad going into his senior season. He is currently tearing up the competition on lehigh valley summer basketball circuit. LVBR  is moving the kid up in the rankings, because he is fearless....

June 2012

MuhammadAli Abdur-Rahkman, 6-4 combo guard, Allentown Central Catholic (Allentown,PA),Class of 2014:


This was the first season where I really had the opportunity to focus on Abur-Rahkman (who a lot of basketball coaches, and writers publicize as the top player in the Lehigh Valley and from whom you'll be hearing a lot more about, in next to no time), and I can not say I was dissatisfied.After watching a lot of Lehigh Valley basketball, you will not find a more polished, multitalented and fundamentally-sound competitor in the Lehigh Valley. Abdur-Rahkman has got good size for a wing, he is exceptionally smooth and fluid, has an excellent shot from deep and mid-range, handles the ball and passes like a point guard, finishes with athleticism and is a very opportunistic defensive basketball player.

Greg Noack, 6-8 post, Liberty High School (Bethlehem, PA), Class of 2013:


Noack is a kid that I first saw play at Sports Fest this past summer, even though his team was in a rebuilding year (after losing star player Darun Hilliard to the Big East Power Villanova), I liked his potential. He justified my inclinations with his play in the Lehigh Valley Conference, showing that he is a physical young post player who is a force, that all the teams will have circled on their scouting reports. He rebounds in traffic, has a nice little array of post moves and has some savvy and fundamentals on the block (inherited from Father). Aside from dominating in the paint, he also ran the floor well and showed he could hit mid-range jump shots, as well as put it on the floor and finish at the rim with power.

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